That has existed for decades on TV. Internet, and media: Create compelling content, and subsidize with advertisements. We see this as only the start, as ads will now start to integrate the crowd to create. Source, become the creative, and share. Remember the “Markets are conversations” motto from Cluetrain? Yet when it comes to social, Cluetrain believers have tried to keep this medium separate from traditional media models and keep it purely conversational. When we look closely, A Convergence  advertising is the primary revenue driver for Google, Facebook, and most social sites.

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Services in exchange for brands to share their offerings. All of this mixture of corporate content, consumer media, and advertising is converging into one media type. In our upcoming Altimeter research report this Thursday (co-author Rebecca discusses the premise), we’ll be sharing The Converged Media imperative, where after UAE Phone Number List dozens of interviews with agencies, brands, thought leaders and software innovators, we have found a trend where a new media type has merged, which we’ve dubbed “Converged Media”. To celebrate this interchange of paid, earned, and owned.Phone Number List

I wanted to get your opinion

AS readers if how you would react, feel, or engage with advertisements on this blog in the right column or on top banner. My promise is to only bring relevant ads (of companies that are related to topics I write about) and that do not interrupt (no popups, no takeovers, no auto-start media, no page turns). Additionally, I would Australia Phone Number List experiment with new advertising forms (such as converged media), and then write about, sharing my experience. Your opinion matters, so I’m listening, please leave a comment, ads on this Web Strategy blog? Cool or Drool? Update: After careful review of comments.

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