Add Interesting Objects For Your Audience

With live streaming, there is often a call to action (CTA) such as following someone’s channel or choosing to buy a product. When a seller successfully convinces a buyer to buy or subscribe to his channel, it’s called a conversion.

As for your Lazada Livestream, one of the ways to successfully convert your viewers into new customers or followers is to add eye-catching objects. Here are three must-haves during your streaming session:

Having great content is essential for a successful Livestream but always keep your CTAs in mind. It’s a good idea to feature new arrivals, best sellers, or if there’s a product you plan to launch.

Vouchers are also important to encourage people to buy your product. You can create your own voucher at Lazada Seller Center. Make sure to create your voucher at least 24 hours before your Livestream time.

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The Livestream presenter or host must be someone who is highly energetic and knows how to ad-lib during a session if there is a need to keep the content flowing.

It is recommended that sellers establish a full plan for their Livestream. However, there are instances that prevent the host from following the overall plan. In this case, you’ll need a presenter or host who knows how to improvise on the spot to ensure that the Livestream stays on track.

As mentioned earlier in this post, many sellers choose to host their own. However, it is still advisable to hire influencers as they are the ones who have expertise when it comes to promoting live streams and winning over a large audience. 

To ensure a smooth flow, it is important to outline the script. In addition, a theme or concept must also be defined. This database ensures that each piece of content is organized and won’t result in a jumble of ideas.

There should be a conversation starter in your script. Icebreakers, in this case, refers to the time frame dedicated to interaction with the viewer. You can do it through trivia, vouchers, prizes and giveaways. 

There are two ways to use Lazada LiveStream


You can do it via your cellphone or laptop. For now, Lazada recommends its sellers initially go with mobile streaming as laptop streaming is more advanced and requires technical skills.

Let’s reiterate the things you need SAB Directory to do to ensure a successful Lazada Livestream:

Always interact with your audience through contests and polls as this increases customer participation and engagement. This encourages dialogue within your Livestream and thus helps you expand your following and build community. Finally, upgrade your previous Livestream. This means you have to promote your Livestream via social media a few days before Lazada Livestream. The more people you reach, the higher your income.

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