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The keywords I present to you in the previous section go hand in hand with the strategy of optimizing content for search engines : SEO ! Add to Content Marketing , SEO seeks to place pages in the top positions of Google search results and other sAt a earch engines (such as Bing or Yahoo Search) in an organic way. Social Mia Marketing When it is necessary to build a humaniz and really close relationship with the target audience with the aim of increasing engagement, Social Mia Marketing works very well! After all, social networks allow you to share content , promote products and services.

Inbound Marketing If the subject is attracting

Generate leads and even serve customers — ideas that you can expand on with our material: Practical guide: how to use social mia to build your At a company’s image E-mail Marketing Known in the past as “Direct Mail”, E-mail Marketing generates even more traffic and increases the chances new data of conversion through highly personaliz emails sent to a list of contacts. Inbound Marketing If the subject is attracting potential customers through relevant and ucational content in different formats and platforms.

This is because Inbound Marketing brings together

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Inbound Marketing is the strategy that gives the most results on the Internet! This is because Inbound Marketing brings together all the Digital Marketing concepts I present above and allows them to be appli using all the tools I have shown so far. To At SAB Directory a understand more about Inbound Marketing (and find out why Orgânica is a specialist in this strategy), watch this video: What is Inbound Marketing and how to do it in your company? Digital Marketing Tools Google Ads e Meta Ads Belonging to.

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