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Very quickly got acquaintd with all the materials that I managd to develop during Desk Research and when PP got acquaintd (mainly Kamil here), we did a workshop where we had plan our research. We chose the method of individual interviews because we felt we already had such a thorough knowldge of agriculture, but we just wantd to go out to the farmers and find out what it was like at the farm level. During this workshop we also wrote down many hypotheses.

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Which we later wantd to verify during the research itself, and then after the research itself with farmers. It was a hard process (maybe I’ll talk more about that in a moment). We managd to carry out about 40 interviews, which was a good phone number list result in our opinion, and then the conclusions we drew were verifid with Top Farms, the agricultural company we work with, about which Grzegorz spoke. There, we found out that these conclusions were inded correct and the hypotheses verifid or not, or denid, were ok for them.

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They had no objections to it, and during this workshop. e startd thinking. About an experiment to verify the values ​​developd. We SAB Directory conductd both an. Advertisement on. Facebook and a Landing Page, where we checkd. Whether these values ​​appeal to farmers. And whether they are willing to use them. We also presentd the results of these experiments at the next workshop, where we later developd a list of functionalities and ready User Stories.

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