Creating a Lazlive ForeShow Link

Open your Lazada app and navigate to the account section. You will immediately see the LazLive icon. Scroll further down and click on the black and white LazLive icon instead. The colored icons are for the LazLive feed while the black and white ones are for your live trials.

Click Try Now to continue with a trial live video recording. You will be asked to enter a video name as well as a description and location. This is also the time for you to upload thumbnails and cover photos. This will be discussed in more depth in the coming paragraphs.

After you pass the audition, Lazada will show a different screen when you tap on the LazLive button.

Instead of a live trial, you will be redirected to your LazLive Dashboard where you can choose to create a foreshow or start your live video.

The Create A Foreshow button allows you to fill in your video orientation settings as well as banner, video name, time to start, description, and associated product.

Once you’ve created your foreshow

be sure to share links to your social media pages a few days before the actual date. This will allow your buyers to set a time to be present during your Livestream.

On the day of your Livestream, make sure to click Start Live 10 minutes before you start.

Banner Guide
Social media post
Dimensions for this banner should be 1000x1000px or 1:1. In the Lazada app, this banner will not be indicated as a social media post. Be aware that when you see a 1:1 on a foreshow build page, it’s talking about a social media banner.

Lazada Live banner
Similar to social media banners, Lazada also doesn’t show the banner name in the app. However, 16:9 refers to the LazadaLive banner. You can also translate 16:9 to 1280x720px.

Cover Just For You
Just For You or JFY covers must phone number list have dimensions of 518 × 810 pixels. This banner is optional but highly recommended as it can drive high traffic.

All three banners must be a maximum of 80 kb in size and must be saved as either a JPEG or PNG.

Top Banner
This is another banner which is optional but provides optimal visibility to the live stream. When you take advantage of this opportunity, your banner will appear on the LazLive Channel within the Lazada app.

The dimensions for the top banner must be 702x200px. This banner also needs to be saved in JPEG or PNG format. The only difference is that the file size is only a maximum of 50kb.

For this one, you need to save the file using this format for filename: Seller name_Top Banner_ Livestream Date

Requirements For A Good LazLive Session

phone number list

Stable internet connection
This is required so that you can have an uninterrupted Livestream.

Choose a flagship phone with a high-quality camera to emphasize professionalism in your live session.

Three-legged Engaging your audience SAB Directory will be much easier if your hands are free. Apart from that, a tripod also ensures that your Livestream won’t wobble.

Host / COL Many sellers decide to host themselves during their live sessions. However, there is also the option of hiring a key KOL or opinion leader. They are best known as influencers. Then, we will cover the LazadaLive Service Marketplace where you can hire the services of a credible influencer depending on the industry you are selling to.

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