There are many video extraction tools on the market, such as “Quick Video”, “Baofeng Yingyin”, etc. These tools generally support video extraction in multiple formats, and are simple to operate and easy to use. 3. Extraction steps 1. Open the selected video extraction tool and find the folder where the WeChat video is saved. 2. Select the video files you want to extract and set the output path. Please make sure the output path you choose is safe to avoid data loss.


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Start the extraction, wait a moment, and you will see that the video is  Asia Mobile Number List successfully extracted. 4. Check the files in the output path to confirm that the extraction is successful. 4. Share and Save After you successfully extract the wonderful video from WeChat, you can share it to Moments, share it with friends, etc. If you need to save to local, just open the selected video extraction tool again and save the video file to the desired location. 5. Notes 1. When extracting WeChat videos, please ensure that you have the corresponding rights and permissions.

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If you extract a video from someone else’s original content, please respect the rights of the original author. 2. During the extraction process, please be sure to pay attention to the size and format of the video file to avoid extraction failure due to the file being too large or the format not being supported. 3. When sharing and saving videos, please ensure that your behavior complies with relevant laws, regulations and the rules of the social platform.

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