Development of a document management system for an energy company

When a company consists of many departments, it is quite difficult to synchronize their work process: usually employees have to use several separate programs at once, often not integrated with each other. This requires additional manual work, which increases energy company the risk of human errors and avoidable time costs. This was one of the reasons why our client, an oil and gas company, approached us for a custom development service. We were approached by a company with 17 offices operating in the oil and gas industry (we cannot disclose the name of this company in accordance with the signed NDA). This company previously used ready-made software solutions to solve local problems, but did not have a unified system to cover all internal business processes.

Who is our client?

The implementation of an individual solution was especially important for the following departments and employees: back office; account Manager; Sales Manager; chief lawyer; security officer; OSR Administrator ; accountant; dispatcher In addition Phone Number List to the problems described above, the client also had some non-obvious reasons to order custom development. The fact is that some of the previously used software did not meet GDPR and NIST security standards. Moreover, company employees often complained about the lack of an intuitive interface, which made working with this software difficult and led to errors. Thus, the new custom development had to be highly intuitive, automated and fully compliant with digital privacy standards.

What was the energy company task?

As for functionality, the future project was developed as a complete document management solution intended for the following tasks. Centralization of documents providing a single place for storing and managing all company documents. Document versioning to track changes, create and store version history, and restore previous versions if necessary. Document processing and editing – creating, formatting and converting documents into various SAB Directory formats; work with electronic documents. Including their signing, encryption and forwarding; managing document access policies for different users and groups. Automation of business processes related to documents, such as approval, execution and control. Integration with other systems such as CRM, ERP, project management solutions. Communication platforms and more; reporting and analytics. Development of tasks and business processes for approval and verification of documents. Centralized management of internal and external correspondence.

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