On the Dynamic Customer Journey and the Sentient World. I’m really proud to have taken an active role in the first ever LeWeb outside of Paris. This one, which was featured in downtown London across the street from Westminster. Abbey was sold out. If you’ve not heard of LeWeb. This is a global Internet conference hosted by Loic and Geraldine Le Meur, a power couple that stem from Paris but are also living in Silicon Valley, this is one of my favorite conferences to connect with brands, technology innovators, investors and friends. Altimeter was able to play a minor role in suggesting.

The theme for the event

“Faster Than Real Time” which stems off previous LeWebs that focused on the “Real time web”. In this radical state, companies are able to anticipate the needs of their customers by using data, technology, and devices and deliver Australia Phone Number List meaningful experiences before customers even know they need it. I explore two of three of Altimeter’s research themes. In conclusion, the Dynamic Customer Journey, and the Sentient World in my speech, but due to time, did not focus on Adaptive Organization. In future posts, I’ll share some of the videos from the social business track, in which I co-hosted with Cedric Giorgi.

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LeWeb Paris, this December, 2012. Thanks to the Altimeter analysts, researchers and partners who helped to shape these research themes, this is a culmination of many people’s work beyond myself. The slides are located Lebanon Phone Number List on slideshare, and see . Therefore, this punchy art from Gaping Void that summarizes the theme. I look forward to your feedback on the themes, we’re actively linking (over 15 to date) to those who thoughtful add their thoughts about the themes, starting with Dynamic Customer Journey, if you blog your thoughts, we’ll link back. Update: Drew B blogged about the keynote, as well as Timo Elliott of SAP.

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