Managing Money & Salary Money Wisely

How to manage money wisely?

What are the effective ways to save and save money?

This article will show you effective methods to manage your money and monthly salary.

This article was originally an excerpt from the cashflow guide course by Suzardi Maulan .

So if you are a person who is “financially blind” like me, then God willing you will find this guide very useful.

Make a Record of Every Penny That Comes Out Please prepare a small notebook

You can use any money tracker app .

It doesn’t matter, just choose any recording method Phone Number List that you are comfortable with.

manage salary
If you like the old school way, use a pen and paper, use that method.

If you are tech savvy, like to record everything in a smartphone application, you can.

What you need to do is record all incoming and outgoing money.

every penny.

Make a big reminder in the note:

“I want to get out of the problem of not having enough money every month.”
“I Am Determined to Track Every Cent of Money. However, In and Out of My Pocket to. Change This Situation.”
Step 1: Start on Payday
How Many. Days Do You Get Paid?

That is the date of the first day in this post.

If the salary gets every 25th of every month, then this record will run out on the 24th of every month.

Step 2: Record All Incoming Money
Keep track of what the gross salary is.

Record how many deductions have been deducted from the ready salary

Phone Number List

Now write how much salary money is left in the account SAB Ddirectory to be used until the next salary.

If you borrow money from a friend, relative, spouse, or child, you have to write it down. However, Don’t forget all expenses claims at work, allowances, bonuses and so on.

Step 3: Record All Cash Outs
Gotta keep track of every penny.

What do you eat for breakfast? Drink what?

When I was at the gas station, I stopped at the ATM to withdraw money, did I buy cigarettes (I don’t need to smoke anymore, just burn the money), sweets, chocolates. However, Record everything.

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