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Obtaining the necessary information Unfortunately, hiring a stranger is a big risk – e.g. when, right after the trial period, the candidate decides to change his job or it turns out that his character traits bother other team members. Moreover, as many as 42% of Poles admit that they have li during a job interview . That is why employers use the so-call assessment center . It is not like an ordinary job interview. It is rather a multi-stage process of assessing professional competences , during which the candidate must face many individual and group tasks also in a foreign language. The assessment center method allows you to simulate work at a given position.

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During the session, the candidate and the employer can “test” each other, and the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the potential employee is more useful . That’s why AC is often us in recruitment for managers the results of the session are simply more reliable than those that can be obtain during a regular interview for a managerial position . Moreover, it often happens that people applying for DB to Data the same position work together on group tasks during AC sessions. Thanks to this, the candidate gets to know his competitors and the recruiter can more easily compare their competences. You don’t ne to have experience writing a cv.

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In the LiveCareer CV creator you will find ready-made content for any industry and position, which you can insert in your CV with one click. cv creator Assessment center – tasks  A variety of exercises and tests are us during assessment center sessions. The most popular are individual and group tasks. Assessment center – individual tasks Here are some examples of AC exercises that the candidate must handle SAB Directory independently the candidate must find and present a solution to a specific problem in the company. Assessors most often choose a case that has already happen or could easily happen. 

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