No Motivation? Change Your Approach!

Our attitude has a great influence on the results of our actions. The trick is to think of our goals as our choice. Researchers at the University of Rochester have proven that assessing a person’s level of autonomy while performing a task allows you to determine exactly how motivated that person will be to complete the task.

In other words, if we feel compelled to do something, the natural and automatic reaction is to resist. Every parent encounters its manifestation when they try to force some behavior in their child.

However, if we recognize that the task we are working on is our choice, we become more energetic and more willing to take action.

Your reason for wanting to achieve the goal is also important. Research has proven that positive justification for your actions helps people maintain a higher level of motivation.

For example, in the case of taking care of your shape, resolutions and goals such as “I will be stronger” or “I will look better in dresses” work much better than “I want to lose weight”, which is perceived negatively.


Consider Obstacles

Positive focus on achieving goals, howprocesslever, has negative effects. On the one hand, of course, we want to set ourselves up for success. On the other hand, this over-optimism can make us turn a blind eye to obstacles that we may

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ose on the way to our goal.

And obstacles, big or small, will surely appear. Thinking that everything will go smoothly and without any problems, it may cause that at the first difficult situation, your enthusiasm will suddenly start to drop.

In this case, you can use a powerful tool, which is the method of mental contrast

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So imagine your goal, how you strive for it and achieve it. Later, however, also imagine all the obstacles you may encounter along the way. Think ho SAB Directory w you would deal with them.

When you actually get to a more difficult moment, you will be better prepared for it, and your level of motivation will not drop as much.

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