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For example, even if you enable lazy Product Industry loading of images, it is important that they are well optimized and that they have been previously compressed to reduce their weight. WPO-wasabi Creating product sheets To create a product sheet you have to add the Wasabi block called Product so that a template like this one that I show you here appears: wasabi block product Now you just have to fill out the different sections to create your product sheet. As you can see, it doesn’t matter what type of product it is since you can put the affiliate URL you want, the image you prefer, write your own pros and cons, etc.

AliExpress or eBay Product Industry APIs Configuring

In addition, you can top industry data choose the style of colors, fonts, sizes and more of the sheet without having to use codes of any kind. And you may be thinking… But wasn’t this supposed to be quick and easy, a couple of clicks, blablabla? And it is… as long as you configure the Amazon, AliExpress or eBay APIs Configuring the APIs Follow the Wasabi Theme 2.0 route. (in the left side menu) Monetization: Membership . Now you will see the dropdowns in which to fill in the data from Amazon, AliExpress or eBay with their respective APIs.

Include in the listing belongs to paste

wasabi theme apis And now: go back SAB Directory to the entry or page you are editing and repeat the previous step by selecting the Wasabi Product block . It seems like nothing has changed but if you look at the options on the right side you will see this: apis-de-wasabi In fact, now you just have to select which platform the product you want to include in the listing belongs to, paste the ID (or even the complete URL in the case of Amazon) and the sections of the listing will fill out themselves in just a few seconds, including the affiliate link.

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