Record All Cash Outs Gotta Keep Track of Every

The night before going to bed, double check the note based on the receipt.
GST pay how much. How much do you pay for the service charge?

The trick is, if you paid with a credit card when you filled up the fuel, write “Fuel RM 50 credit card.”

Later, when it’s time to pay the credit card debt, open the statement and look first, also note how many finance charges that month.

But if you had lunch earlier, RM 7.00 paid in cash, write cash.

This means that there must be a column of entries which is cash which is credit

When making a cash transaction, make sure you Database look at the wallet every night, tally it with a note.

It’s not easy to be happy. Even 90 days, even 9 months pregnant. This is one of the important steps to be happy for many years.

After 90 days, we can make a graph like this:

Please break down our expenses in the form of a graph like this.

There is a record, it’s easy to do. Surely we can know where we spend our money every month.

The money is not lost. If it is lost, we are responsible.

The money was not stolen. Even if robbed, we are the robbers.

Then we try to justify the purchase so that we can accept it, it is said to be rational when shopping.

The fact is we always buy things we won’t use rarely use and don’t even need


While there is this discount, there will be a wedding party SAB Ddirectory later, it will be nice to have a dress.

“Buy one get one free. Wow!”

“It looks beautiful wearing these sunglasses. It’s like an artist. lol”

So please break down our expenses as follows.
Anything that falls into the luxury and want category then it can be cut or delayed.

Based on the notes we have made, we look at our spending habits one by one.

Then can decide to cut or reduce mana based on preference.

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