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Collecting points, scoring in the personalization. Of marketing communication In the process of personalization and automation of marketing communication. Customer segmentation based on scoring is very important. This is the awarding of points to customers for specific actions and behaviors. For example – points can be assigned to users for a specific order value. For the frequency of their submission. Or, for example, in the case of leads collected for BB activities – for the position held. The score of a person who comes to our website for the first time will be lower than that of users who visit us regularly and regularly make purchases on our website.

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In addition to information about the stage of engagement a given customer is at (. is he new, is he about to make a purchase or does he make regular purchases with us, etc.), scoring can also inform us that the customer is so-called. a dormant customer who  for some reason has lost contact with a given brand. The whatsapp mobile number list marketing automation system is a very good tool for How points will be allocated, and then how the database will be, and what the communication scenarios for individual groups will look like, depends on the type of our business and the goals we want to achieve thanks to automation.

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One of the most popular scoring and database segmentation methods is the RFM method . What media can help with marketing personalization? Having collected data about users and having a segmentation of the customer base that is appropriate in  the context of our needs. It is worth rethinking what our communication strategy should be and what media fit it best. In order to create valuable communication between the brand and our SAB Ddirectory customers, it is worth ensuring consistency of actions and engaging several media at the same time, at different stages of the purchasing path.

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