Instagram Shopping and how does it work

Did you know that there are more than 100 million active users per day on Instagram. if we take into account that people are spending more and more time on social networks. and that many of their habits have evolved towards these channels. including purchases, Instagram Shopping can be a great opportunity as a sales channel for your company. A few years ago, almost no one was betting on selling on Instagram. where it seemed like there were only posts of kittens and photos of people. having breakfast or playing sports. But, nowadays. it is even possible to make a catalog sale of your products through this platform.

Create the Store From Your Facebook Account

Instagram Shopping is a functionality available for companies that sell products on the Internet. This tool allows you to create a virtual store or showcase within the platform itself. So that you can then tag products in the photos of your publications. Thanks to email database this functionality, businesses can tag their products in the publications they upload. Both in the feed and in the Stories giving users the option. Of being able to see a catalog or go directly to the tab of that tagged. Product within the Your eCommerce website. In the same way that any user can tag people, thanks to this function. Company pages can also do so with products, showing their characteristics. And price and leaving your followers just one click away from being able to buy them .

Integrate Your Catalog With Facebook

This functionality was launched on a trial basis for several months in the United States in 2016. And after verifying its success, its use was gradually extended to other countries such as Australia. Spain, the United Kingdom and Brazil in recent years. But, not everything is so Sab Directory easy, in order to sell your products through this platform. You must meet the following requirements Requirements to sell on. Have created your store in Facebook Shop obtains information from the Facebook Shop product catalog). Have your business profile set up on Instagram and linked to a Facebook page . Have the latest updated version of the social network App on your mobile. Have a minimum of 9 posts in your feed.

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