Weekend playing with Google+ (here’s my profile), and even was using Google’s Android Honeycomb operating system on a Galaxy Tab to see how well it integrates. So far, I’m impressed, and think Google finally got the formula right that will spur on adoption. In my initial reactions, I stated that Google+ was pretty much mirroring Facebook’s features, and didn’t give a compelling reason for many mainstream users to port over. While just about a month old, there’s been some discussion that Google+ has reached a significant number. Therefore, of registered users quickly (although it’s not clear if they’ll be repeat.

Users beyond the test drive

There’s concerns of plateaus in repeat users, although the jury is still out. Beyond Facebook, Google+ a Threat to Twitter. While the most obvious competitive comparison is Facebook, we’re seeing the early adopter tech crowd Argentina Phone Number List dominate the top 100 lists, and I’m seeing some similarities to Friendfeed. In reality, I believe that Google+ could actually be more of a threat to Twitter than most realize, as it organizes fragmented conversations on single threads. In any case, we’re seeing some . Therefore, of the early tech adopters port their networks over, and a few celebs indicating some early strides yet don’t jump.

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We see this behavior

With many tools. Strength: Finally got basic social networking features right by hiring seasoned staff, mainly cloning what’s worked for other social networks. Legacy of building scalable systems, nearly unlimited amount Italy WhatsApp Number List of resources, existing advertising, analytics, and ad buying network. Weakness Lack of integration with other Google systems, existing feature set limited and not compelling enough for mainstream users to set up camp on yet. In conclusion, another social network. Significantly behind Facebook and Twitter’s global reach. Opportunity Integrate with all Google features also including search.

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