This new role within corporations. I see some interesting career opportunities for this powerful role within a corporation. First of all, about this role. While we’ve published a detailed research report on their demographics. Psychographics, challenges and aspirations. This role is a major influencer within the corporation. And has a small but growing budget. Typically stemming under the CMO or head of corporate communications functions. Without a doubt, this role is in high demand. Few are qualified. Those that are are easily found by recruiters and I’ve heard of some positions.

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200k+ in regulated financial services. I’ve also been tracking how some folks are switching jobs to respond to the demand, although I’ve cautioned a few to put in a few years before doing this, as it could set a bad record on Japan Phone Number List one’s resume. Despite the intense demand for this role right now, it’s always important to look towards the future on what’s on the horizon for this talented bunch: Three Future Career Opportunities for the Corporate Social Strategist: Rise into the Head of Customer Experience. That’s right, we’re going to return to customer experience and looking at the entire.

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What we call at Altimeter the Dynamic Customer Journey. This role is one of the few in the organization at the business level (not infrastructure or operations) that can span multiple business units and see the entire customer journey Estonia Phone Number List from awareness, consideration, purchase, support, and beyond. The opportunity? The Corporate Social Strategist is one of the few that could re-create or lead the customer experience group –or even become a Chief Customer Officer. Foster or Lead a New Role in Content Strategy: Working closely with my colleague Rebecca Lieb, she’s illuminated

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