I’m here to comment on what I’ve seen. Being an attendee at dozens of shows a year, also receiving more emails than I can count from these vendors, I wanted to provide a broader perspective, and then get your comments. In addition to the usual forms of marketing from working with PR agencies, press releases, taking over SERP pages of a competitor, brochures, white papers, case studies, webinars, and the lot, I’m seeing a few interesting trends in their marketing mix I wanted to highlight: 1) Social Software Vendors Ironically Invest in Airport Display Advertising. While I’ve heard about it.

I saw it for the first time

In Chicago airport this week, Buddy Media’s print advertising was prominantly displayed, here’s their blog post touting the campaign. Given their hefty investment raise of $54 million a few bones tossed on display advertising seems Poland Phone Number List like a small play. Yet Andrew Jones, Altimeter Researcher heard first hand from brands we interviewed that they did not want to see a vendor they would hire invest in that way. I’d argue that Chicago is ripe for brand managers, agencies and the lot, and because no other. In conclusion, vendors are deploying on print, this is a smart play. Marketing is, after all, integrated, right?

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In a bite-sized world

Infographics are the new White Paper. I’ve seen a number of changes as our attention span decreases (first of all, thank you for making it this far in my post) as vendors shift from long form white papers to shorter form content. This trend? I say we’re moving away from an appetite of content steak to shish kabob –yet the balance is Spain Phone Number List frequently off. The earliest pioneer in this space was Mint, which aggregated user data and published financial index data to compare young Gen X males to each other. Lately, we’ve seen a heavy . In conclusion,output of infographics from Eloqua (a client) which is used to reach influencers.

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