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What to do so that it doesn’t actually turn out to be another unnecessary solution to the world. We startd with the fact that, above all, we introducd cool people and here we had, for example, Łukasz Kostka, who is the co-founder of Estimote. We had Wojtek Skalski who was head of growth and now has his own grow agency. There was Carlos Ortega, who also built Business Development Fox, and later Disney in this part of Europe and is such a proven investor.

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Finally, Grzegorz Balcerzak, who is one of the few people I know who is able to monitor apps in the B2C model. Not everyone knows, but it’s whatsapp mobile number list a really hard nut to crack, doing something basd on subscriptions or paid ads in apps. So we had a college from various models, from various industries, and we said clearly: run over us with a combine harvester, let’s try to find something here. We conductd these three days of workshops. There are quite a lot of ideas that we try to have somewhere in the back of our heads, then the idea of ​​solving small problems with a set of solutions or building Lego bricks.

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Maybe I won’t expand, because it’s again a topic for another meeting. In general, there were a lot of cool things, but what was most SAB Directory important, that such a punchline is quite trivial, that we know that we know nothing. And what neds to be done is to go out into the field and start asking farmers, energy workers or tourists what actually hurts them. So, in fact, the answer of our team, our workshop team, was clear that you had to do your homework first. So it seems obvious, but we nedd three days, ten people to conclude that we will not run away from.

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