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.An respond to various commands. The prototype better simulates how users can interact in real life with the user interface. This concept allows designers to test the user journey and find various problems with the product. Video Player 00:00 00:12 You can see the advantages of these three architectural concepts in the following table Wireframe Mockup Prototype 1. Provide an overview of the general layout of the website or application 2. Build trust with users and stakeholders 3. Save costs and processing time 1. Find errors 2. Convey ideas to design team members 3. Design implementation 4. Perspective towards users 5. Organizing the details of a project 1. Clickable and responsive 2. Effective communication 3. Find problems at an early stage Also read: Figma, tools that make UI Designers’ lives easier E. Conclusion

Wireframe Mockup and Prototype are architectural

concepts that have their own characteristics and functions. Designers can adapt to every desired need. However, there is also advice to remember that the use of these three concepts must be based on the thoughts of a user. Of course, to produce a product that can make users more comfortable. For those of you who want to deepen your knowledge whatsapp number list about web design and other interesting things, you can visit the following link: 7 Steps to Becoming a UI/UX Designer This is an Effective Way to Study According to Research 5 Powerful Ideas for Web Coding 5 Easy SEO Tips for Developers When the CEO of Dicoding met the CEO of Microsoft What are Wireframes? What is the Difference between Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype? – by Alfian Dharma Kusuma , Intern Junior Content Writer at Dicoding In the 21st century.

The development of information technology

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Is something that cannot be avoided and has become a basic human need in this century to make life even easier. Technological developments require humans to be more digitally literate, especially digital application developers. In the technology sector in particular, digital application developers are getting a new work climate that is modern and inclusive while opening new doors for people with disabilities. For this reason, Home Credit Indonesia SAB Directory together with Dicoding Indonesia provide opportunities for people with disabilities to have new knowledge or knowledge in the field of technology. We provide training opportunities in the field of Android mobile-based digital application development so that people with disabilities can get new skills or jobs that suit current industry needs. Today, May 3 2021, we announced selected participants who will get

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