How to make an nfluencer smile

First, the moral The first thing I want you to know is the reason why this trick has worked for me and why it may no longer work for you: because of the surprise factor and originality . Therefore, just by publishing this post, the trick will lose value. Sorry, it is what it is, I hope you get another benefit from the post. What this post should NOT be used for Of course, I don’t think it will help you much if you do it with Alex Navarro, Carlos Bravo or Paco Viudes, which are the three with whom I have tried my luck. You can’t surprise them with this trick anymore, so don’t do it, I don’t want them to get angry with me for publishing it.

Why should this post be useful to you?

What I do believe (rather I would like) that this post should serve is so that you understand the importance of Creativity, even if industry email list you are neither a designer nor an advertiser . Personally, I understand creativity as the ability to find unusual approaches to everyday or very common things, situations or aspects . It is about the ability to break with the schemes that you already have or that others impose on you and see reality in your own way and in a different and open way. For that, I would like this post to be useful to you . If that’s the case, then great. At the end you will find a link to some articles that I published on my company blog about how to improve your creative capacity. 

Second, the little trick

Well, without further delay and having clarified everything I wanted to clarify, I’m going to tell you what the trick consists of and how I managed to get a smile from the greats at Quondos . Now more than before, I have understood how important Analytics are for a Blogger and, even more so, for an SEO. I am convinced that most Bloggers and SEOs will spend more than SAB Directory a little time a week reviewing these analytics. That’s when the light bulb went on. The trick is to link to them from your blog by adding some values ​​to the URL so that, in their Google Analytics, a nice message appears that they are not expecting . For example, when Alex accessed his Google Analytics yesterday to review his visits and traffic sources, he found something like this:

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