Why analyze the most commented articles from other blogs?

Once you understand that comments must be very, very present in your strategy and that you must always keep them present in every action you take, let’s talk about what it can do to analyze the most commented articles from other blogs. you start? Well thought! Ains what a faster head. You’re right! Indeed, finding the most commented posts on a blog can give us information about what factors influence the generation of conversation . Be careful, of course the personality of the blogger and the theme of the blog influence. In business terms , this analysis is super important because, when analyzing “the competition”, we could take advantage of their previous experience to find what generates action in our target. Hey, [piopialo]phrase for Guruwuasaki’s next book on Marketing[/piopialo].

How to extract all the posts from a blog with number of comments to Excell

Come on, they’re coming! We have already seen the why and wherefore so we simply have to address the how. The truth is that you have very detailed how top industry data in the video at the beginning and that right now I’m eating a cookie, how could it be any other way. Ummm. Let me tell you the tools you need: import.io . A spider, crawler, data analytics all, apuquichitiplonguis full version… Amos, a very cool program that allows you to go through an entire blog and extract the information that you have previously configured. Spreadsheet system. It can be Microsoft’s or Google’s or Open Office’s or whatever you want. The point is that you have a place to put the data extracted with import.io and be able to apply formulas to analyze.

Observation capacity

I was going to use common sense but then I realized that… I don’t have much. What you do need is to have observation SAB Directory skills to understand the data and be able to identify patterns that can be translated into conclusions. If not, why do this? The procedure is very simple since you just have to download the import.io application, open it, teach it to recognize the blog you want to analyze, wait at least an hour until it finishes, transfer the data to the server, export it in spreadsheet format , open the spreadsheet and start investigating. Really, it’s that simple. But come on, it’s so simple that it’s enough for a 20 minute video… Hahahaha.

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