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We sell our own know-how and professionalism when we apply for a job. We sell ideas to the family as we think about the upcoming holidays. We sell the bliss of cohabitation to the future spouse. We can look at everything from a sales perspective. Or we can look at everything from the point of view of helping. Take a research trip to the tiiakonttinen.fi website. How many ads do you see there? The ads can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Still, enough money flows into my company’s coffers every month. (And PS Blog doesn’t have to make money. But in my experience, the more time you spend blogging, the more fascinating it becomes…) Additional resources: Blogging performance reports  blogger makes 15 Reasons Why Your Blog Will Never Succeed Is writing stuck? 8 tips on how to untangle a pile of white paper 5 tips on how to find a topic for your blog 3.

The biggest mistake a beginner

 How do you arouse readers’ interest? Did you know that there are at least 164 million blogs in the world? Do not be alarmed. Standing latest database out from the crowd is a piece of cake. In the last section, we already went through questions that will help you get your creativity, imagination and wealth of ideas moving. In this section we go deeper than the surface. The goal is to find an almost perfect blog topic. Before that, I want to tell you a story: I am a mother of twins. When the children were babies, I went out with the children like crazy. I walked 3 times a day for 5 kilometer runs every day. One day something terrible happened. I was just crossing the road when one of the wagon’s tires came off. The tire was rolling in the middle of the road, a car was coming, the stroller was tilting and I knew I couldn’t leave the children in the rocking stroller while I was picking up the tire in the middle of the road. But the car stopped in front of the crosswalk and two men got out of the car.  took a tool kit from the trunk of the car.

One went to get a tire and the other

These kind men repaired the wagon tire and I was able to continue my journey. The reason I told you this story is this: I don’t remember the face of the man who picked up the tire from the middle of the road, but I will always remember the man who actually fixed the tire. Now I ask you an important question: How can you stand out among 164 million blogs? The correct answer is: By helping your reader so much that he will remember you for the rest of his life. The more you can help your reader, the more engaged they will be. 3.1 You must be unique. Unique. Special. And different. So don’t start a fitness blog. Start a fitness blog for 45+ moms who want to do CrossFit. Don’t start a social SAB Directory media marketing blog. Start a marketing blog for photographers who want to get the most out of Instagram. Don’t start a lifestyle blog.

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