Development of Easy Finance – an online tool for

 Our client decided to help them overcome this problem by launching an automated financial accounting solution. This is an entrepreneur from Poland who personally encountered problems using Excel spreadsheets for accounting. He eventually decided to launch his own startup, designed to help businesses (like himself) handle their accounting problems Easy Finance in the fastest and easiest way. Specifically, it had to be an online solution based on a SaaS model. Such a platform should provide users with all the necessary functionality for convenient calculation of income, expenses and other business-critical indicators.

What goals did we pursue? What service did we provide?

Small business owners are often faced with a lack of available tools to automate tasks related to calculating a company’s profits and losses over specific periods of time. Instead, they are forced to use vast tools like Excel spreadsheets. But, as practice Phone Number List shows, this approach to accounting slows down the calculation process, making it inconvenient. This was the main impetus for the client’s business idea: to createSaaS solution, which would provide all the necessary functionality for financial accounting. After a thorough analysis of the ready-made solutions available on .

What technologies did we use to develop Easy Finance?

The market and determining the basic set of capabilities required for such a platform. The client approached us to develop an online platform with the possibility of further scaling. To provide the client with a quick payback on the project and guarantee. A long life cycle in a highly competitive market environment. We began the web development SAB Directory process only after lengthy stages of planning and marketing analysis. What technologies did we use to develop Easy Finance? After creating a comprehensive. List of technical and non-technical requirements for a custom financial management solution, our experts selected the following technology stack to bring the project to life:

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