Exactly how much of a commitment is that? Let’s do some crude math: starting with the baseline of 30,000 published tweets, (about 13 a day). I estimate this to be equivalent to writing about 4-8 books. In aggregate, that seems like a lot, but when one publishes on this micromedia network it’s hard to even fathom how it could add up. To share how I got into this journey. Let’s go way back to when I worked at PodTech, a fledgling social media network that pooted out. I did however work with some of the best in the industry, and I recall my colleague Robert Scoble coming by my cube proclaiming.

“You need to get on Twitter

Right away Jeremiah”, his eyes ablaze in geek-citement. To me, this was nothing new. As with every week, Scoble would come into the office telling me about the next greatest thing from his interviewing adventures. Yet this one Slovenia Phone Number List had legs. It felt right. The conversation was small, there were just a few folks on from Silicon Valley, NY. A bunch of edgelings, in fact. I recall the top 100 list looking similar to the top 100 list of Google+ a few months ago, a cadre of mostly well read tech bloggers. Over time, we saw it grow, and mainstream media celebs moved in. Media companies, and brands.Phone Number List

Spam started to happen

We saw a strain on their service as fail whales emerged at great frequency. Ccausing a migration to the ‘backup’ network on Plurk. Over time twitter continued to grow, we saw applications emerge, marketers jump on, and even political Vietnam Phone Number List figures join into the fray. Things started to grow into a frenzy as there was a race to get to a million twitter followers between aplusk and news networks –a testament to the turning tide of people gaining power over larger corporations –and the the impact this tool had to regime change in distant countries that really don’t feel so far away now.

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