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categories-wasabi Cluster of posts or pages Accelerate Growth. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful elements of Wasabi. Theme since it allows you to place a cluster with recent entries on any page. Although one of the places where it can be used the most is on the home page. So that it is always updated and shows the latest contents. If you prefer, you can also include the featured posts or even show only the featured. Posts and convert this cluster into a block with the featured posts on your website. Additionally, you can choose how many you want to appear. All these configuration options make each website made with. Wasabi look unique. cluster-wasabi Column and table of contents.

You can insert any type Accelerate Growth of content and even directly

This block will cause everything you include inside to industry email list be displayed. In column form and with a table of contents on the right side that will act as an index . You can insert any type of content and even directly drag the blocks you have already. Created so you don’t have to delete them and create them again. As you scroll, a point will mark the place where you are in the index and you will be able to move through the content by clicking on its links. Furthermore, if these contents are product listings from Amazon.

Amazon does It's as easy as filling out the sections

AliExpress or eBay you will have direct SAB Directory access to the stores in this same index. wasabi table of contents Testimonials You can accompany your product sheets with the Testimonial block in which you can include a review with the user’s name, avatar, opinion about the product and a rating from one to five stars in a very similar way to what Amazon does. It’s as easy as filling out the sections of the block and publishing it: wasabi testimony The result could look like this: wasabi testimony example Links to social networks If you want to include your social networks, you just have to place this block in the place where you want them to appear and fill in the spaces with the links to each of them.

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