The tool and channel and forgets about content? Or, from the other side of the table. Have you ever had a client on the brand side ask you for your Twitter/FacebookPinterest strategy –but doesn’t have anything meaningful to say? Our industry is afflicted with shiny object syndrome. A focus on the new tools. Without thinking about the content that will drive it. As we mature and the tools make it easier to share information, companies need to be extra sensitive to the content that will be shared, both that’s created by the brand, and the customer. Altimeter’s latest report by Industry Analyst Rebecca Lieb.

Takes that topic head on

This report had a thorough methodology that interviewed over 50 brands, agencies, vendors, and industry experts to find out how the industry is changing. The top six findings include the following trends: Visual information reigns supreme, from video to images to infographics. Mobile and location-based marketing are Malta Phone Number List the second most-cited area into which marketers want to expand content initiatives. Marketers must manage flow and develop the ability to respond in real-time in social channels Bright, shiny objects, i.e. a fixation on newer channels and technologies.

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Distract from foundational channels

E.G. search, written content, such as blogs, and educational content, which is often essential in B2B channels. Budgets must increase to accommodate content channels such as video and mobile that require larger production Vietnam Phone Number List and development investment. Marketers’ confidence in and reliance of content marketing is beginning to diminish their reliance on print and broadcast advertising, as well as public relations. Content Channel Effectiveness & Confidence Marketers Confident in Future of Online Video, Social, Mobile What does the future hold? This report offers an interesting aspiration state.

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