Yet again, it’s time for the annual publication of the list of . Corporate Social Strategists at companies with over 1000 employees (enterprise class) that are spearheading. Leading, and carving out social business at today’s modern corporation. The Corporate Social Strategist Defined.  Is the business decision maker for social media programs who provides leadership. Roadmap definition, and governance; and directly influences the spending on. Technology vendors and service agencies. While this position doesn’t exist officially by title in every corporation today. This role will become pervasive in the coming years.

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The corporate website have become essential. To fully understand this role. Please read our research report on their role where we surveyed 140 of these roles. And interviewed over 50 professionals. (Source, Altimeter Research) On personal note. I had this role at Hitachi in 2005-2007. Details about this list All of Panama Phone Number List these names were submitted and the list is opt-in (out of respect for your privacy, even if I know you have this role, I’m careful not to add you without your explicit opt-in). Last year’s lis here, and a mainstay in today’s modern company. . In conclusion, one of the challenges I’ve had is to scale and manage.Phone Number List

The list by hand

I’m partnering with friend Ross Mayfield at Slideshare to intake, clean data, and help me keep this list ordered. For this Iran Phone Number List list we took the 2011 data, and Ross and team combed through the data to ensure it was updated and correct. To be added, updated, or even removed, please use the embedded form below. To help clarify scope, every year, I get questions “Why don’t you have agencies?” or “why don’t you have companies with less than 1000 employees?”. I’m happy to cross-link to anyone that wants to maintain. In conclusion, those lists for 2012 as I have for prior years. I plan to update this list.

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