To connect with their customers and have data back from. The field of over 140 enterprise class corporations. Many of which have the coveted social strategist role and formalized programs. To find out how far reaching the social media programs stretch. Into the enterprise we asked two questions: 1) “Approximately how many employees post content. To official social accounts?” and then to derive some ratios for cross-tab analysis 2) “How many employees are in your company?”. We wanted to pose these specific set of questions as it helps us to better understand the proliferation of social business.

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Within the hub and spoke model, “Dandelion” and “honeycomb” models. If you’ve not read our report on how companies organize in social media, read the report, and 2011 data. Screen shot 2011-08-26 at 6.41.52 AM How Does Your Peru Phone Number List Company Stack Up? The data set is enterprise class companies. Most who are reporting have the social strategy function in a marketing function in global national and US national companies, across multiple survey sets and sample size is 140 respondents. Additional breakdown: So to crunch down. The math here’s what it breaks down to for how many are publishing at a company.

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Each range of employee set then divide by publisher ratio: Companies with 2,500 employees have about 13 employees publishing on the official accounts. Companies with 7,500 employees have about 22 employees publishing Spain WhatsApp Number List on the official accounts. Companies with 30k employees . Therefore, have about 83 employees publishing on the official accounts. Companies with 75,000 employees have about 182 employees publishing on the. In conclusion, official accounts. Companies with 100k plus average have about 280 employees publishing on the official accounts. Over Time, Expect More Employees to Publish On.

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