Overview About Lazada Livestreaming Feature

Lazada caters not only to the selling aspect of an online business but also to the seller’s potential to build lasting relationships with buyers. Prior to live streaming, one of Lazada’s initial attempts to complete Shoppertainment was during the incorporation of LazCity into the platform. LazCity is the games section of the website where shoppers can play and earn coins in the process. Coins earned by customers can be redeemed for special items within the Lazada website and app. Customers can also use their coins to buy vouchers. Lazada’s road to shoppertainment doesn’t stop there. This time, Lazada plans to embed direct contact between sellers and customers through their new Lazlive feature.

Benefits of Using Lazlive Features

The Lazada LiveStreaming feature Latest Mailing Database allows you to grow in terms of brand marketing, more specifically in the following ways:

  • Directly promote vouchers and highlight your featured products
  • Interact with existing and prospective buyers
  • Increase your store followers
  • Empower your buyers to buy your products directly

We want to emphasize the fourth point which states that you will be able to sell products in real-time. This is due to the fact that Lazada LiveStreaming is the only live streaming feature so far that allows buyers to view or buy products during the Livestream.

The Four S Of Shoppertainment Lazlive 

Latest Mailing Database

Lazada LiveStream creates a new community of sellers and buyers who continuously offer and bid on products within the Lazada platform. 

The first step is to create content that your audience will enjoy. Find a place for your product offers and trends in your content. This allows you to increase customer engagement as well as entice them with new products. 

Live video allows you to interact SAB Directory with your audience in real-time. Pay attention to the comments section as this is where your viewers will show their replies and reactions to your content.

This is an important aspect of Lazada LiveStreaming. Depending on how well you socialize or engage your audience, you can increase brand awareness and authenticity. Due to the importance of the latter, Lazada also supports recruiting influencers to serve as hosts during live streams.

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