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An then organize a culinary tournament using the “gifts of the forest” obtaine – great fun and bonding between employees guarantee! Sosnovka barczatka Sosnowka is a popular name. Not only towns, although there are as many as 19 of them in Poland! This name is also given to a certain butterfly, active mainly at night. The sosnówka barczatka occurs throughout Poland, so also in Sosnówka we can meet it in the evenings, during the holidays. Pine tit There are several species of titmouse, among them we can find the pine tit, the namesake of our village.

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The pine tit is a beautiful bird – its head is black, and it has white cheeks and a black chin. A white spot extends from the back of the titmouse’s whatsapp mobile number list head, from the back of the head to the top of the head. The sosnówka (bird) has a grey-blue and sometimes olive-green back. The wings are essentially black, but the tips of the feathers may have a white border. On the top of the wings they have white spots forming a narrow strip. The belly is dark grey. Forests in Sosnówka Sosnówka – the bird is the smallest representative of tits. It spends most of its time in the treetops, reluctant to leave this safe haven.

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In Sosnówka the bird is the smallest

Its name comes from the place where it most likes to spend time, pines. It fees mainly on insects, but also likes conifer sees. It communicates with other tits with long, drawn out, high-pitche melodies. Sosnowka attractions There is no shortage of SAB Directory tourist attractions in Sosnówka. Ancient forests, ideal for hiking, encourage activity. There you will find forest lakes and rapid streams. Here and there we will see stone benches arrange by the former inhabitants of these lands, inviting to rest. We can also come across mysterious wilderness. The great advantage of Sosnówka is the lack of crowds of tourists. Beautiful trails remain almost empty, which allows you to enjoy the mountain climate.

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