The ceiling light you’ll ne to prepare some tools and materials to ensure the job goes smoothly. Here are some basic items that you may ne for a new ceiling light. Buy the right ceiling light according to your choice. Ladder If the ceiling light is install at a higher height, a ladder may be requir to reach the ceiling. Screwdriver and screws to remove old ceiling light and install new one. Wire cutters are us to strip and connect wires. Voltage detectors are us to ensure the power is off and to detect whether the wires are live. Electrical tape is us for insulation of wire connections.

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Protect wire connections. Safety glasses and gloves are us to protect your eyes and hands from potential hazards. Power Switch To prevent electric shock hazards be sure to turn off power to the affect circuit before Kuwait Telegram Data starting work. Replacement Steps Disconnect the power supply and remove the old ceiling light. Always turn off the power to the circuit in question before doing any electrical work. to ensure your safety. Then follow the steps below to remove the old ceiling light.

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Use a voltage tester to

Check that the circuit is broken to make sure no current is flowing. Use a screwdriver to remove the retaining screws from the old ceiling light. Usually the base of the ceiling lamp comes with a cover that you ne to Cameroon Phone Number List open for better use. Carefully remove the old ceiling light from the ceiling. Sometimes it can be screw to the electrical box. To disconnect the wires from an old ceiling light use wire cutters. Be sure to label the wires so you know how to connect them correctly when you install your new ceiling light. If the old ceiling light’s bracket is still firmly attach to the ceiling you can remove it or install the new light’s

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