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The whole process took me a long time because I was not an expert in automation, but it worked and that really mattered to me. I have time to optimize and perfect it. Do better, not perfect! They said there. Email Marketing I already told you about my subscriber list above. Now I’ll tell you what I did with it This year, except for a specific moment of the year, I send emails every day: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Yes, yes, you read that right

email marketing, I successfully sold “ your website, Juan Palomov” and “ web rental” . Without email marketing new database efforts, these sales would certainly not have happened. I also tried to improve my email approach, from stories, bridge segments, sales sections and postscripts. Thanks for being trained in copywriting and sales, little by little I hope to reap the rewards.

Mailerlite will allow you to design your

 In that sense, at the moment Im calm because Ive seemed to have been at the top for months and now theres a lot of room for. Let it not change! Blog This year I have published several articles on my blog, specifically (more than a year). The article that I published worked really well, and yes, several of my posts were on the Sab Directory front page of Google, targeting very specific short-tail keywords, as follows: How to create a legal text for your website. The Best Email Marketing Tools. How to make money through the website.

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