Her book launch in Manhattan NYC. Sex in the City in real life? Professional working woman climbing the corporate ladder? Married women entrepreneurs holding their own? Yes to all. I so often hear from brand marketers they want to reach the mother bloggers (thank you Moms!). And we’ve seen large industries emerge to serve these very powerful markets. And that’s great –yet what about the rest of the women? I had the pleasure of getting educated about this growing market. Which potentially give brands to shift focus . In conclusion,away from a saturated market. Learning about PANKs: I had an enlightening lunch.

The center of Manhattan

With Melanie Notkin. A former Marketer at L’Oreal, is the evangelist for this unserved market of Professional Aunts, with No-Kids to better understand this growing market with spending power. Which she’s dubbed the Savvy Auntie, and she’s got a website, and company focused on serving these women. While I’ve helped a France Phone Number List number of clients on research projects to understand moms. There’s a much broader market we could be looking at: professional women that may be alienated from “mom marketing” with disposable income. Therefore, Melanie calls these “Savvy Aunties”, and her book with the same title.

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Brings this demographic to life

Show me Numbers: Who are these Women? First, by the numbers, how big is this market? Melanie provided me these numbers, and she’s uploaded a media kit to slideshare. Her source is US Census / The White House Report: Women Hong-Kong Phone Number List in America (March 2011), she summarizes these women as PANKs or Professional Aunts, No-Kids: In fact, more women than in. In conclusion, the past have never had a child. In 2008, about 18 percent of women age 40 44 have never had a child, almost double that in 1976 (up from 10 percent in 35 years). Thats nearly a fifth of all American women likely without child.

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