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The same applies to creativity and wealth of ideas. It has been hibernating for several years. Wake it up gently and let it blossom. 2.2. I don’t know how to get people interested in my subject is problem solving. Help people solve problems and get their undivided attention. Help people learn new things.  climb the ladder to others. Help people realize their strengths. Inspire people with your own example. Identify people’s life stages for that problem. For example, in the case of bloggers, I have identified 5 typical bloggers of different types and at different “levels”. Go read the article here . 2.3. A person who tramples on custom has nothing to give to others I’m also a normal trader I am a single mother of special twins. And I love blogging. If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would publish two self-published e-books and build online coaching, I would have laughed sweetly.

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Everyone has something to give. Just about everyone. If you’re struggling financially, you’re great at teaching new data others how to get by on a budget. If you are the mother of a large family, you are great at giving tips on how to survive everyday life without going crazy. If you have exotic animals at home, you can share how wonderful pets are and attract new people to the hobby. Awaken your imagination, creativity and wealth of ideas. After that, all the doors of the world are open to you. 2.4. The topic is too narrow to make money Money is made with a topic specifically thought about by r . Broad subject areas are the most difficult of all products. A narrow topic brings targeted readers to your blog.  interested in the topic you are writing about. You offer problem solutions for specific problems and challenges. By solving a problem, you arouse the interest of the dream reader.

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A dream reader will become your biggest fan faster than you can eat a muffin. Your biggest fan will share your blog’s content with everyone they know. You get free “advertisement” and new dream readers (woohoo!). The content of your blog will also reach those who are unfamiliar with your topic. People get interested and excited about your topic. 2.5. I don’t want to sell anything on the blog or fill it with ads You are not a salesperson. You are a problem solver. Sometimes you solve the problem with your own knowledge. Sometimes you solve a SAB Directory problem with a free product or service. And sometimes you solve the problem with a paid product or service. In fact, everyone is a salesperson.

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