Why are you starting a business

The next step is to write and refine my writing process to be efficient, so I spend even less time writing. . Contents: Why do you want to blog? in your blog? How do you get your readers interested? Think of a name for your blog that will be remembered Free or “paid” blog? Do you know who is your dream blog reader? How do you write content that the reader wants to read? How do you market your blog effectively? 1. Why do you want to blog? The same goes for anything else. ? Why are you losing weight? Why are you traveling abroad? Blogging is nothing more amazing than that.  answer the question “why”, you can manage to write a blog even when you receive negative feedback. (And believe me, people do express their opinions openly both on the blog and on social media…).

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Answers like: “because others also blog” “because I want to blog” “because I want money” are not good reasons. If you don’t love what you’re new database writing about, interest will wane very quickly. Blogging is long-term “work”. There is no point in waiting for overnight success. You will see the first results within 3-6 months of starting (with good instructions even in 1 month), but in reality 1-3 years is a realistic time to get a good foothold in the blogging world. 2. What do you want to write about in your blog? Many beginner bloggers struggle with the topic of the blog: “I don’t know what I’m writing about.” “I don’t know how to get people interested in my subject.” ” custom has nothing to give to others.” “The topic is too narrow to make money.” “I don’t want to sell anything on the blog or fill it with ads.” So if you find yourself thinking about even one of the things above, you are not alone. 2.1.

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I don’t know what I’m writing about , teacher, lecturer and coach struggles with this same question in the beginning. So this is normal thinking. awakening your own creativity from hibernation. Try this technique. Answer the following questions: over again? What things do I get complimented on weekly? What kind of problems and challenges have I overcome in my past? What kind of life experience have I gained that would also be helpful to others? Thinking about what makes my eyes light up? By doing what thing do I notice that I lose track of time? Go SAB Directory through each question once a day for 7 days. Creativity and wealth of ideas require awakening. at the first wake-up call. some movement.

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