Own Support Department as a way to deal with lack of motivation

Find out what motivates you

Each of us has our own unique motivational system. We have our own rewards that we would like to get  It is these incentives that can be powerful motivators. However, you need a clear goal that you will strive for.

What are your rewards? Make a list of things you’d like to get and keep them in sight at all times. Seeing your reward all the time will keep you motivated.

Another great method is to celebrate even the smallest wins along the way. This can also be a form of reward that increases motivation.

So on your way to your main goal, identify some important milestones and celebrate each time you reach them. Remember to celebrate before you stwe Latest Mailing Database areart working on the next stage.

Play is another motivating factor that helps to reinforce positive behavior. When we enjoy what we do, we are much more willing to devote ourselves to achieving those goals.

This works well for long-term sports goals, for example. You can find exercises that will guarantee you the opportunity to overcome the next stages of training while having fun. Monotony kills motivation.

Sleep More and Create a Morning Routine

Willpower and motivation go hand in hand. When you’re motivated to do something, you need willpower to get it done. The problem with willpower is that it doesn’t work at will.

It cannot be summoned on command or made to act at the right moment.

Willpower is a limited resource that is easily depleted

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You do not believe? The quickest way to get rid of willpower is to skip sleep. When you’re sleepy, you don’t want anything. It is better not to mention about making important decisions or realizing dreams.

I would like you to start looking at your decision-making ability and willpower as a tank.

Throughout the day, every decision you make r SAB Directory duces your willpower level. Sleep is our brain’s way of resetting and renewing itself. Without it, our prefrontal cortex doesn’t have the energy it needs to gain willpower.

A very useful trick is to establish a morning routine. At the beginning of the week, plan what you will eat for breakfast and what you will wear each day. Thanks to this, you will take off the necessity of making these decisions on a daily basis.


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