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I had some doubts about this method at the very beginning, because I had the impression that it was a bit of a guess. We don’t know if we choose right, what if we choose wrong and do something else. However, from the perspective of time, such projects ned to be determind, Kamil:Yes, there are different methods of prioritizing these, and one can argue which is good and which is bad.

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Assume that a bad decision is not making a decision and such hesitation in all directions. Sometimes it’s better to go to a dead end than database nowhere and constantly wondering where to go. Having this hypothesis, we slowly startd to construct a research tool. It was not yet the stage where we were sure how we would research, but it was already clear what we would research. Therefore, the next step was the logical division. we startd to think about what hypotheses interpenetrate each other, how they interact with each other. It was a very important step.


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Tdious work that also requird such additional Desk Research in the process to understand certain elements even better. But it spd up SAB Directory after that. Constructing a research plan and the research tools themselves. And once we knew what to research, we had to answer the question of who we would research it with, on whom we would research it. And how was this process done? Damian: It lookd like this: it was also a workshop exercise, where everyone was.

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