JULY 21, 2011BYJEREMIAH_OWYANG This will be the fourth, (or wait, fifth? I can’t keep track over the years…) design iteration of the Web Strategy blog, and I’m pleased to share an upcoming sneak peek comp. Overall, we leaned on a focus on accessing information quickly –rather than a complete new look, you’ll notice many of the same familiar UI elements, but with greater access to reports, graphs, and popular posts that may be ideal to reference. We’re thankful for your feedback (we listened, responded, and factored it in) so I really want you to know how important your feedback is. If you’ve any other final comments, kindly leave a comment below. Thanks to the Engage Sciences web design team for their assistance, and for WordPress Expert (he really knows his stuff) StudioNashVegas who’ll start production shortly, and we’ll have a staging site up for testing. A few design notes on how I plan to serve you better: You’ll see a mixture of the best features from comp 1 and 2 (link above) Reduced dead space like header and banner –just get to the point dangit! We’re gonna try something new and show a waterfall of posts, so the most recent post will have more content, but older posts will display less –in order to prevent excess scrolling. I’m surfacing events higher up, as a big part of my business is professional speaking and webinars, I’d like to further promote them Lastly, because this blog is often used as a reference to find research, stats, lists, webinars, we’ve created a library-like section at the bottom for faster indexing and ability to quickly retrieve beyond search methods. Below, if you click on this screenshot, you’ll see the life size version, I look forward to any comments you have below, your reactions?

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