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nFor this reason, let’s first understand what efficiency is, and differentiate the meanings of effective and efficient. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss all that . Especially for those of you who want to know the meaning of efficient. Let’s just look directly at the following explanation. What is Efficient? Know the meaning of efficiency what is efficient eclaration statement What you need to remember is: Expression is code that produces values. Statement shows the action taken. Comments The code we write is a collection of instructions that must be executed by the computer. One important instruction is to tell the computer to ignore the commands we write. Instructions written in a program but not executed by the computer are called “comments.

A comment will be missed by the interpreter

Or compiler , so it will not affect the flow of the program we write. These comments can be used as documentation or explanation of the code we write. There are two methods for providing comments. First, to comment on just one line, we can use ws number list two slashes . At the beginning of the line  Ini merupakan komentar satu baris, kode di bawah tidak akan dijalankan  console.log(“Halo!”); When the code above is run, no output will appear Hello! Then, to comment on more than one line, we can use the /* sign to open the comment and the   sign to close the comment. Any text between these marks will be made into a comment and will not be executed.   Ini merupakan komentar dengan lebih dari satu baris Teks apapun yang berada disini akan dijadikan komentar. Ketika menggunakan ini, jangan lupa untuk menutupnya.

In JavaScript there are at least three ways to declare

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A variable, namely using the keywords var, let, and const. In the ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) version, variable declarations with let and const were introduced to replace var which was considered controversial and prone to causing SAB Directory bugs. Now how do you create a variable in JavaScript? Quite easy. Type the let keyword followed by the variable name. let   The code to declare variables as above is also known as a declaration statement . Next, you can fill in the variable values ​​above using the equal  If the code above is executed,  ‘s output will appear . You can also immediately initialize the variable value after declaring it as follows: let  ; console.log(la ; If the code above is executed,  ‘s output will appear

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