We’ve done over four due diligence calls with VCs in this space in last 30 days, and Altimeter are helping a couple of brands short list their vendors for RFP inclusions brands know they need an enterprise solution. This scope of this post is for the pure play vendors and does not include the numerous entrants that will explode into this space from the incumbent software category. To help move the industry forward, here’s my perspective on the space, all which I’m telling buyers as well as investors. Matrix: Challenges and Opportunities Abound for Social Media Management Systems Strengths.

VC Funding for Rapid

Growth -Demand increases as brands adopt more accounts -Overall small space, with 30 vendors, few enterprise incumbents, yet Weakness -Low switching costs: easy to unplug now. –Lack of market differentiation -Rapidly changing data sets and APIs, hard to measure -Commodity feature set Opportunity -M&A in Australia Phone Number List incumbents move in, rapid exit. -Integration yields new value -Future state is customer intelligence platform or multi communications tool Threats -New entrant can ramp in 5 quarters, or incumbents can quickly build -Incumbents will move in from many sectors.

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CRM, Brand Monitoring

Web Analytics, BI, Support Software, Email Marketing, Community Platform . Buyers Must Understand This Rapidly Changing Market Corporations who are seeking to buy in this space must place their bets carefully, they need to Thailand WhatsApp Number List factor in the following three future trends that are starting out now, buyers must: Expect only a handful of Enterprise class “Pure Plays” to Remain Standing. In most emerging technology categories there’s only enough room for three vendors: First, better, and different, and that will come to be true here as well. In the long run there will only be a handful of true enterprise pure plays.

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