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have different purposes and responses. Attractive visual forms and elements, representing the blueprint for an application. All visual elements and shapes on application pages are initially created with wireframes. B. Isi Wireframe When we build a web page or application, of course there are several considerations and mandatory things that you need to know. These considerations include: The page must adapt to the website or application as a whole. Content such as writing, images, videos, etc., must fulfill the purpose and be conveyed to users well. Elements in each content, links, and widgets must relate to other elements. The web page or application should look the way the user is interested. The wireframe also needs to explain several important things such as the following: What content is on the website or application page.

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And should stand out? Where will the user be directed? How do users move around the page? How is the content organized across pages? C. Tools Wireframe To create a wireframe, it would be good for you to know several tools that you can use. There are whatsapp database two ways that you can use, namely through software /applications or drawing manually ( hand sketching ) on ​​blank white paper. Drawing on blank white paper allows designers to work on a wireframe easily and quickly. This is a basic point for beginning designers because it is easy and cheap. If you have good drawing skills, then the final wireframe process can be done at once. If you are interested in making wireframes using software or applications, there are several tools that are recommended for you. Among them are Figma, Zeppelin, Cacoo, Jumpchart, Gliffy, Adobe Illustrator, and Mockflow Whimsical.

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UI/UX Designers create various examples of design concepts not only using wireframes. The terms mockup and prototype are easy to understand and have a more visible user interface . Easily, these differences can be seen through the main function of each concept. As previously explained, a wireframe is a blueprint for an architecture. The wireframe concept only aims to convey the arrangement, layout, navigation, structure and organization SAB Directory of content. Wireframes usually only have black and white images and emphasize the content of the content to be created. Mockup is a deeper concept for conveying various aspects of visual design, such as images, colors, and typography. The processing time for a mockup is the same as a wireframe, namely before the product is created. It’s just that the image provided by the mockup is more detailed and detailed. Image Mockup Meanwhile, Prototype is a clickable concept that c

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