The Slavery Cup the campaign that uncovers the shame of FIFA in the World Cup in Qatar

The controversies are stealing all the focus from the goals in the World Cup in Qatar , a competition in whose works, not in vain, around 15,000 migrant workers would have lost their lives. In recent weeks, several campaigns targeting the FIFA World Cup have emerged. And one of the striking ones bears the signature of the Mojo Supermarket agency , which has chosen the headquarters of two apparently untouchable institutions as the setting for its campaign: FIFA and the United Nations. The campaign began this week at London’s Wembley Stadium, where FIFA’s offices in the United Kingdom are located. There Mojo Supermarket has had the audacity to project the following message: «FIFA – Proud Sponsors of The Slavery Cup» .

FIFA and the United Nations

Simultaneously, projections have also emerged in the United Nations building in New York and in Shoreditch (London) criticizing for top industry data allowing Qatar to use slavery to build the stadiums for the current World Cup. In addition to the screenings, Mojo Supermarket has distributed thousands of passports in London and New York. And in each of those passports there are eleven names, faces and stories of migrant workers who died in the construction of the stadiums at the World Cup in Qatar. Such passports are a powerful symbol of the millions of workers from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries who traveled to Qatar to work on World Cup projects and were stripped of their passports to be enslaved with impunity in the country of Middle East. 

The Mojo Supermarket campaign

Instagram account and a website where people can make donations to help the migrant workers still in Qatar return home. That is, however, what has happened SAB Directory and continues to happen. We want not only to draw the attention of FIFA, Qatar and the United Nations to make them see their responsibility and negligence, but also to make football fans in London and New York see the faces hidden behind the statistics. Let’s admit it. The people who died in Qatar are people of color. And in many Western countries we simply look askance at such deaths because they happened in other latitudes. The goal of ‘The Slavery Cup’ is to bring the faces and names behind the raw statistics to the West and urge people to make donations to help migrant workers still trapped in Qatar.

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